Privacy policy

The Saleor Demo store is operated by Mirumee Software sp. z o.o. sp. k. operating at the following address:

Mirumee Software sp. z o.o. sp. k.
ul. Tęczowa 7
53-601, Wrocław


This website includes Google Analytics software that collects anonymized information about visitors to help us provide better services. See how Google uses your data.

Personal data

This website allows address data consisting of given and family names, email addresses, shipping and billing addresses to be entered for the purpose of testing the checkout process.

In case the data concerning a real person is entered it may be processed for the purpose of completing the checkout process and will be anonymized to avoid leaking it to other visitors accessing the dashboard part of the website.

All data is wiped within 60 days of being entered or whenever a new version of the Saleor Demo is released.

Your rights

GDPR guarantees you a number of rights including but not limited to:

Please consult the GDPR text in your language to better understand your rights. We ask that you direct all questions and requests related to your personal data to or that you send them to the postal address of the company listed above.